Prepare to dance. That’s how PANTER start their shows. Hitting the crowds with a mixture of everything from 90’s HipHop via Zouk, Moombahton, Electro to Michael Jackson, Dancehall and everything in between their sets are filled with music to dance to!

With their eclectic sound and danceable sets they have acquired some residencies and gigs in the hottest clubs and festivals in Europe. Varying from small clubs to big festivals, PANTER doesn’t care, as long as people dance and smile, their job is done. Their sets are filled with their own bootlegs, mashups, remixes and tracks, beware; with the knowledge of over 5 decades of music their productions guarantee to be straight bangers!

Rocking clubs and festivals in the Netherlands and Europe leaving a smile on the face of the audience every single time, PANTER has shown that they are capable of making any crowd go crazy.

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